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Business: City of Ludlow

This page is a resource for Ludlow’s existing and future businesses. Below you will find contact information for most businesses in Ludlow. If you are a business owner or know of a business that is missing, or if your current contact information is incorrect, please email Rob Himes, and we’ll update the list.

If you are a potential new or relocated business, please consult our Economic Development section for more information.



Featured Business: Ludlow Pharmacy

Located in the heart of Ludlow, Ludlow Pharmacy provides superior customer service, wellness programs, and great prices on pharmacy products and prescription medications. Family owned and operated for 30 years, Ludlow Pharmacy continues to be a cornerstone of our community.  Located at 130 Elm Street, Ludlow Pharmacy is open Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Sun: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm to serve all of your Pharmacy needs.

Available Properties

Download our Available Properties Listing to see the most recent listing of available properties on Elm Street, in Ludlow’s Central Business District.

Local Business Listing

Restaurants, Grocery, and Food




Manufacturing/Specialty Products


  • Ideal Supplies, 512 Adela Avenue, (859) 491 – 6666
  • Butler Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, 231 Elm Street, (859) 431 – 5015
  • Flach Brothers Masonry, 110 Oak Street, (859) 291 – 1109
  • EGC Construction, 612 Adela Avenue, (859) 441-7947

Professional Services