City Administration

The City of Ludlow Administrative Department is responsible for keeping records, addressing general inquiry regarding Ludlow and collecting payments.

Office hours

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


The City of Ludlow collects payments for (but not limited to) City Taxes, Garbage Collection (billed annually), Blight Fees, Rental License, Code Enforcement Fines, Parking Tickets, and Yard Sale Permit Fees.


The City of Ludlow accepts cash, check, money order, credit and debit cards as acceptable forms of payment.

Records & Tax Requests

All records & tax requests submitted are addressed in the order they are received. Requests must be submitted in writing and a general form must be completed for each request. The City of Ludlow has up to three (3) business days to respond to any and all requests.

Important dates of Interest

City Taxes are generally due the 31st of October of each year. Waste Bills are now billed yearly along with the tax bills and cover from July 1st of the tax year to June 30th of the following year.  


Mailing Address:

City of Ludlow

PO Box 16188

51 Elm Street

Ludlow, KY 41016

General Phone: (859) 491-1233

Facsimile: (859) 491-2966

Administration Department Staff

Laurie Sparks City Clerk [email protected] 859-491-1233
Scott Smith City Administrative Officer [email protected] 859-491-1233
Tom Garner Code Enforcement Officer [email protected] 859-491-1233
Stephen Bodde City Treasurer [email protected] 859-491-1233