Ludlow Government

Government in the City of Ludlow has been divided into various boards, committees and departments directed by the findings and orders of the Mayor and City Council.

Ludlow's City Council consists of six members, each of which serve two year terms. The presiding Mayor serves a four year term.

The Mayor and Council serve as the governing body that establishes and authorizes all appointive offices and the duties and responsibilities of those offices.  This includes codes, rules and regulations  for public health, safety and welfare. In addition, the Council appropriates funds of the city budget which provide for the orderly management of city resources.

Mayor of Ludlow
Josh Boone
[email protected]

2020 Ordinances

Individuals who have difficulty accessing the ordinances below should contact the City of Ludlow at (859) 491-1233 for assistance.

2020-1 An Ordinance Confirming the Sale and Awarding of a Non-Exclusive Franchise to MCI/Metro Access Transmission Services Corp. D/B/A Verizon Access Transmission Services for a Term of Five (5) Years with Option to Renew Upon Mutual Agreement, for a Telecommunications Franchise and for the Construction, Placement, Maintenance and Operation of Facilities for the Transmission, Delivery, Provision and Sale of Telecommunications Services Along, In, On, Over and Under the Public Rights-of-Way Within the City of Ludlow, Kentucky (“City”), All Upon the Terms, Conditions and Covenants Contained in the Telecommunications Franchise Agreement.

2020-2 An Ordinance of the City of Ludlow, in Kenton County, Kentucky, Amending the Ludlow Zoning Ordinance to (1) Add Attached Single-Family Residential Dwellings as a Permitted Use Within the R1-J (Residential One-J) Zone with Specific Standards and Developmental Controls; and, (2) Add the R-1J Zone to the Exception to Area and Yard Regulations.

2020-3 An Emergency Ordinance of the City of Ludlow, in Kenton County, Kentucky, Imposing a Curfew for Minors.

2020-4 An Ordinance Setting the Budget for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2020 Through June 30, 2021 for the City

of Ludlow Calling for Revenue of $4,179,896.00 and Expenditures of $4,015,610.00

2020-5 An Ordinance Enacting and Adopting a Supplement to the Code of Ordinances of the City of

Ludlow, Kentucky