Ludlow Police Department

Mission Statement:

The officers of the Ludlow Police Department are empowered to fairly and diligently enforce all laws bringing to justice those who violate them. The Departments strives to improve the quality of life by reducing crime and the fear of crime through a dedicated partnership with the community and endeavor to offer uncompromising personalized service to citizens.

Values Statement:

  • We value human life and personal dignity.
  • We value personal and professional integrity as the basis for community trust. 
  • We value fair and impartial enforcement of all laws. 
  • We value professional excellence and customer service.
  • We value all members of the Ludlow Police Department, both sworn and unsworn

Ludlow Police Department Code of Ethics:

Law enforcement is an honourable calling.  Service in this field demands a professional rather than an occupational philosophy.  Personal honor, a desire for professional status, and devotion to service above self, are the motives, which impel police officers to discharge their responsibility in full measure.   


The Ludlow Police Department provides police protection to the city and citizens of Ludlow, Kentucky. Office hours for this department are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Non-moving Citations are to be paid at the Ludlow City Building (51 Elm Street). Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, and money order. The City of Ludlow also accepts credit and debit card payments, but payment in these forms require an additional fee.  If you wish to appeal a parking citation, please click here for a parking citation appeal form.

*If you should need a copy of a citation, please contact the Ludlow Police Department or visit their office located at 51 Elm Street in Ludlow, KY (along Route 8). The Police Department is located on the lower level of the Ludlow Municipal Building.


Mailing Address:

Ludlow Police Department

PO Box 16188

51 Elm Street

Ludlow, KY 41016

General Phone: (859) 261-8186

Facsimile: (859) 392-2874

Police Department Staff

Scott Smith Police Chief/CAO ssmith@ludlow.org 859-491-1233
Bart Beck Lieutenant bbeck@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Greg Eastham Sergeant geastham@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Eric Love Sergeant elove@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Brian Hager Patrol Officer bhager@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
John Dorman Patrol Officer jdorman@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Sam Hodge Patrol Officer shodge@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Jim Black Patrol Officer jblack@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Jeff Hord Patrol Officer jhord@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Jason Compton Detective jcompton@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Bill Sparks School Resource Officer wsparks@ludlow.org 859-261-8186
Bob Epperson Police Clerk repperson@ludlow.org 859-261-8186