Please observe the the following tax rates and license costs pertaining to Ludlow:

  • Property Tax Rate: $.385/ $100 of assessed value for 2016
  • Tangible Property: $.749/$100 of assessed value for 2016
  • Fire/EMS Special Assessment of Property: $.175/ $100 per assessed value
  • Business License: $50 per business
  • Rental License: $100 (per parcel) application fee + $25 per rental unit (Ex. $125 for single-family home)
  • Payroll: 1.5%
  • Insurance Premium: 10% 
  • Handicap Parking Permit: $50 for permit, $10 renewal rate
  • Garbage Collection Fee: $161.64 for 2016-2017

City taxes and garbage collection fees are due annually on October 31st.  Property taxes and Fire/EMS taxes are based on a calendar year; garbage collection fees are based on a fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th).  

The City of Ludlow contracts with Rumpke for waste and recycling collection.  Residents will receive trash collection and recycling collection one time per week.  If you wish to participate in the weekly curbside recycling program, please contact Rumpke and they will provide a 65-gallon, wheeled recycling cart to you at no additional cost.  For questions regarding the trash and recycling collection schedule in your area, please contact Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537.

A map displaying waste collection and recycling collection schedule may be found here.

A copy of the Northern Kentucky Solid Waste Management Resource Guide may be found here.