Ludlow Government

Government in the City of Ludlow has been divided into various boards, committees and departments directed by the findings and orders of the Mayor and City Council.

Ludlow's City Council consists of six members, each of which serve two year terms. The presiding Mayor serves a four year term.

The Mayor and Council serve as the governing body that establishes and authorizes all appointive offices and the duties and responsibilities of those offices.  This includes codes, rules and regulations  for public health, safety and welfare. In addition, the Council appropriates funds of the city budget which provide for the orderly management of city resources.

Mayor of Ludlow

Kenneth Wynn


2018 Ordinances

2018-1     An Ordinance Adopting a Zoning Text Amendment Pertaining to Sign Regulations in the City of Ludlow, Kentucky as Proposed by the Text Amendments and Recommendations of the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County, Kentucky.  Said Recommendations are Attached Hereto as Exhibit "A".

2018-2     An Ordinance Adopting  Mini Cell Tower Franchise Fee.  Said Master License Agreement for Wireless Communications Facilities in the Right-of Way is Attached Hereto as Exhibit "A".

2018-3     An Ordinance Setting the Budget for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2018, Through June 30, 2019 for the City of Ludlow Calling for Revenue of $4,162,990.00 and Expenditures of $4,135,866.00.