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911 Fee Charges on Your Phone Bill

Attention Residents: 911 Fee Charges On Your Phone Bill

We have received many calls concerning 911 fees appearing on residents' bills that were to be removed as of January 1, 2013. Please do not be alarmed if the 911 Fees have show up on your January bill.

Since Cincinnati Bell has so many customers, not all of the bills are printed and processed at the same time each month. Therefore, those bills that are printed earlier in the month or before Jan. 1st will still have the 911 fee on them.  Cincinnati Bell will be crediting the accounts of those who were charged the 911 fee on their January bills. This credit will appear on the February bill and the 911 fees will be removed by then from all residents' bills.
You may also be seeing the $0.12 charge for the 911 rates on your bill. This rate is set by the Kentucky Public Service Commission and not by the City of Ludlow. This $0.12 will still continue to appear on everyone's bills. If you have any further problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the City Building.
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