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The Ludlow Civic Club and the Ludlow Community Connection are sponsoring the very first 5K Event called “The Spirit of Recovery” in Ludlow on Friday, June 7th.  The proceeds from this event will go towards Transitions, Inc. located at 700 Fairfield Avenue Bellevue, Ky.  Transitions, Inc. provides several different programs helping with substance abuse treatment and related services.  Here are examples of the programs offered through Transitions, Inc.   Transitions provide residential treatment to Kentucky residents who cannot obtain it elsewhere.  They offer a 90-day program for men and a 3-9 month program for women that allows their children ages 12 and under to accompany them.  The women’s program accepts pregnant women and women with or without children.  Elements common to both programs include exposure to self-help groups, a relapse prevention approach, employment, community service, aftercare counseling, and above all hope.  Both programs are located in Northern Kentucky.  Contact (859) 291-1045 regarding the men’s program and (859) 491-2090 about the women’s program.

Transitions provide men and women with a safe place to stabilize and withdraw from alcohol or other drugs.  Staff monitors the withdrawal process and has access to medical personnel.  Clients are introduced to self-help groups and referred for further treatment.  The unit admits Kentucky residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when space is available.  The unit can be contacted at (859) 291-1043.

Transitions provide halfway house services to men and women making the transition from close supervision to responsible community living.  Substance abuse treatment is made available to those who need it.  Two facilities also operate a Drug Aftercare Program for federal offenders with a history of substance abuse.  These programs are offered in the northern and eastern parts of Kentucky.  Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.

Transitions has an intensive outpatient program in Covington that offers group and individual counseling, education and relapse prevention training to men and women over a 6-8 month period.  Contact (859) 431-2531 for more information.

Transitions operate a licensed childcare for children living at our women’s treatment program and for children of the community.  Open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm weekdays.  Contact (859) 491-2090 for more information. 

Transitions provide the final step in our continuum of care is supportive housing for those without lodging.  Supportive housing includes ongoing case management to assist the tenants with personal problems and help them stay on the road to recovery.  Transitions Housing Plus program provides apartments set aside for homeless persons with disabilities and Oxford Houses (group homes for those in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addiction).  Contact (859) 261-8600 for more information.  Transitions is also involved in several collaborative efforts to provide social services to Covington’s homeless, and is lead agency for a five-agency collaborative team known as the Homeless Services Project.  Contact (859) 291-1045 for more information.

Transitions operates the Grateful Life Center which is a voluntary alcohol and other drug program, therapeutic community and long-term supportive housing program for residents committed to clean, sober and positive living.  In this community, all residents learn to help each other through a “buddy system,” assisting those who have been in treatment for a shorter period than they have.  Residents are assisted by staff, mentors, 12-step sponsors, the residents themselves, and community volunteers.  The intense dedication of all those involved generates a positive attitude, which assists residents in their recovery.  This empowers and requires all residents to be good neighbors in the therapeutic community within the facility as well as to the larger community outside the walls.  Contact (859) 359-4500 for more information.

For complete information, course map, directions, on-line registration and results, visit: or contact Running Time Race Services at (513) 652-6225.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please send to Ludlow Civic Club, 608 Laurel Street, Ludlow, KY 41016.  We hope to count on your support for this worthy cause.

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