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Officer Roberts receives Meritorious Service Award

Officer Roberts receives Meritorious Service Award

 From July 27, 2012 through November 26, 2012, a total of seven fraudulent checks were passed at the Riverside Marketplace.  Officer Fred Roberts was among the officers who took reports for these checks.  Officer Roberts advised the Chief of Police that he felt the cases may be related. The case was assigned to Officer Roberts to investigate on August 14, 2012 at his request.

During the course of the investigation, more checks came back as fraudulent.  These checks were added to the case.  At the conclusion of Officer Roberts’ investigation, seven individuals were charged with Criminal Possession of a Fraudulent Instrument, a Class "D" felony.  The ring leader who recruited these seven suspects to cash the checks was also charged with the same seven felony charges.

On April 25, 2013 at the urging of Officer Roberts, a meeting was held with the Commonwealth's Attorney Office and the U.S. Secret Service regarding the case.  The primary suspect gave information on those above him, in what was found to be a larger organization.  Much information was received.  This information led to more suspects being charged with printing counterfeit checks and related conspiracies. 

During this meeting on April 25th, it was found that the ring operation reached all the way to Detroit, Michigan. 

Officer Roberts clearly went above and beyond that of what a daily patrolman merely “taking a report” would or did, do.  Officer Roberts was able to help a business prevent theft of their products and money, as well as helping to protect hard working people from Ludlow, Kentucky all the way to Detroit, Michigan. 

Officer Roberts has brought great credit to himself as well as keeping with the traditions of the Ludlow Police Department. 

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