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Ludlow Police to host "Citizens Academy"

Ludlow Police to host "Citizens Academy"

The City of Ludlow Police Department, as part of its "Community Crime Prevention Program" presents a "Citizens Academy". This 10-week program is designed to increase the understanding between citizens and the police through training.

In addition to specialized classroom training, students will participate in a wide range of interesting training, including "shoot-don't shoot" scenarios and use of force issues.

"Citizens Academy" participants are not actually trained for police work. Participants will have a better understanding of the City of Ludlow Police Department operations and the day to day responsibilities that officers are tasked with upon completion of the academy program.

Through your participation in the "Citizens Academy" program, you are promoting community involvement, which in itself is the most powerful force any law enforcement agency has in the fight against crime.

Applications for the Citizens Academy may be found here.   All applications must be received by August 21, 2013.  For more information contact Officer James Seibert at (859) 261-8186 or [email protected].

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