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Keep Our City Neat!

Please Keep Our City Neat!

Don’t Place It In The Street!



 Placing Grass Clippings, Leaves or Other Debris Into City Streets, Alleys or Drainage Ways Is Not Only Unsightly ... It’s Unlawful!

The City of Ludlow requests your assistance in keeping our community safe and in good appearance. Yard debris or other items blown, swept, raked or otherwise placed into city streets, alleys and drainage ways can clog storm drainage systems and can cause harm to passing pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. It is also a violation of the City’s littering ordinance (City Code 90.20 (D) (1) and could result in a maximum fine of $500.00.

Residents are encouraged to mulch or compost their yard trimmings. Thanks for doing your part to help keep Ludlow a great community!

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