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Ludlow Police Public Service Announcement


          Many times, when property is lost or stolen it is recovered but never returned to the owner.  Often the items are recovered by law enforcement and they are not aware the items are stolen because the victim never provided the investigators with serial numbers or other needed information.  Other times the items are pawned, sold, or scrapped at a junk yard.  These items could be tracked if the victim had been able to provide the needed information. 


          We are providing a document that will help with this challenge.  We are asking our residents to print off this form and fill it out for any items of value.  Some items that are routinely stolen are TVs, game consoles, firearms, cell phones, computers, tablets, tools, ETC. 


Please follow these instructions:

•Fill in the boxes

•Attach any receipts

•Attach any photos

•The box labeled for additional information can be used for:

          -describing any unique marks or engravings

           (for items that does not have serial #s)

          -Place of purchase

           (if you don’t have the receipt)

          -Location of photos

           (if they are not attached)


It is important that you keep this document in a safe place as well as have a backup.  An easy way to have a backup is to take a photo of it and email it to yourself for safe keeping.

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