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Update on Reduction of Vehicle Taxes

From Gabrielle Summe, Kenton County Clerk:

Instead of waiting for the property values to be adjusted, the Kenton County Clerk and the Kenton County PVA have decided on the following plan so that Kenton County residents can have their car values adjusted prior to renewing their car.


  1.  If you haven’t paid your taxes yet, then call the PVA office at 859-392-1750 prior to your visit to the Covington or Independence locations of the County Clerk’s office.

  1. If you haven’t had time to call the PVA prior to your visit, then the Deputy County Clerk will call the PVA for you.  This may take a few minutes, so we appreciate everyone’s patience during this time.

  1. If you don’t have time to contact the PVA prior to paying your car taxes in person, by check or online, then you will pay the taxes on the current value, but once the values are adjusted by February 27, 2021, then you will be receiving a refund.

  1. If you have already paid in person, by check or even online then a refund check will be issued to you.  The Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation are currently working on that plan.

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