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Rental License Applications Due April 15th

Long-Term Rental License

If the property is a long-term rental, you will need to submit a long-term rental application, along with the appropriate fee.  The application fee for a long-term rental is $100.00, plus $25.00 per unit.  Click HERE for a long-term rental license application.

Short-Term Rental License

Any property that is rented for a period of 29 days or less is defined as a short-term rental.  If the property is a short-term rental, you must submit a short-term rental application, along with the appropriate fee and proof of liability insurance.  The cost of a short-term rental license application is $300.00 per unit.  Click HERE for a short-term rental license application.

If you own a two-unit building where one unit is a long-term rental and one is a short-term rental, you are required to submit two separate applications—one for each type of rental—along with the appropriate fee. 

Requirements for All Rental Licenses

All rental licenses must be renewed by April 15th each year.  To be eligible for a rental license, the property must be in compliance with all applicable building codes; current on all City taxes and fees; and have no pending citations, violations, or liens.

Any person or business found to be in violation of any of the rental license requirements contained within Chapter 110 of the City of Ludlow Code of Ordinances shall be deemed to have committed a civil offense and shall be fined not less than $100 per day, per violation and not more than $500 per day, per violation until said violations are abated.  Each day that an individual or business is engaged in the renting, letting or leasing of real property without having first paid the license fee to the City of Ludlow and having obtained the proper license therefor shall constitute a separate offense.

Upon review and approval of a submitted application, a rental license will be mailed to you.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (859) 491-1233.

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