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Ludlow Police Establishes Hotline for Reporting Drug Activity

Ludlow Police Establishes Hotline for Reporting Drug Activity


Ludlow Police Department is announcing a new service for citizens and visitors of Ludlow in our efforts to combat drugs.  We have established a hotline (844-4-NO-2-DOPE) to call when you see drug activity taking place.  This hotline is designed to be used when you see the activity taking place “right now”.  This is not to be used for anything other than drug activity currently occurring.

If you call and the activity being reported is not an immediate drug activity, you will be told to contact Kenton County Dispatch (859-356-3191) who will be able to make contact with an on duty officer to assist you.  The officer will then disconnect from you so that you may contact dispatch quickly, and they in turn can notify the proper resources to better assist you.  The hotline will be answered by a police officer as long as they are available to do so.  If an officer is not available, you may leave a message about the drug activity taking place.  You do not have to leave any information or give an officer any information about yourself.

 It is our hope that this hotline will speed up police response and catch the drug activity as it is occurring, this hotline is not meant to open investigations into persons or places.  If you have information about drug activity that is not currently taking place, please continue to call our office at 859-261-8186.

This number will not provide you with information, as it will only be used in gathering information on drug crimes in progress.  



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