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Ludlow Senior Activity Center Services Continue

Ludlow Senior Activity Center Services Continue

From the Desk of Mayor Wynn:

Regarding the recent notification of Senior Services of Northern Kentucky (SSNK) ceasing operations, we want to guarantee our citizens that the City values our Older Americans and intends to work to ensure that their services continue.  Elected Officials from the affected communities gathered together on Monday afternoon to be notified and to discuss the situation.  A temporary solution to continue services has been agreed upon (with a few caveats being finalized), and a permanent solution is being devised.

The City owns the building while the operations and staffing were maintained by SSNK. The current Director has agreed to serve as a contracted employee with the NKADD during the temporary phase. The City greatly appreciates Ms. Lisa Crawford for staying the course and providing service to our senior citizens. The Ludlow Senior Activity Center will remain open, and services will continue. Though we are grateful for the years of service provided by SSNK, as they cease operations, we must move forward quickly with care to ensure that none of our senior community members are affected.

It was fortunate that the Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD), with the guidance of Lisa Cooper, Executive Director, was able to formulate a temporary solution to continue services. The Ludlow Senior Center will remain in operation. Her staff members are extremely knowledgeable, and devoted to providing stop gap service.

The City Administrator has been tasked with communications with the NKADD, and will work with the City, NKADD Staff, and the Senior Activity Center Director to ensure a smooth transition through both the temporary phase and the permanent transition.

At this time, all those who had been receiving meals on wheels will continue to do so. A solution to the transportation issues is being quickly developed. The City would like to thank Lisa Cooper, Anne Wildman (Associate Director of Human Services and Case Management-NKADD), and her staff, including Kelly Bond and Shannon Kelch, for their devotion and attention to this unexpected situation.

For over twenty years, the Ludlow Senior Activity Center has served as a key component to our community, and we will continue to work ensuring its longevity.  We thank everyone affected by this for being patient. For any of our senior community members, and family members or friends advocating on their behalf, we will continue to provide updates.  Please call the Ludlow Senior Activity Center at (859) 491-9245 with any questions you may have.

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