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Beyond the Curb Series Continues – Featuring Ludlow on October 9th


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Beyond the Curb Series Continues – Featuring Ludlow on October 9th

More than 1600 registered guests from 62 zip codes have attended Beyond the Curb events since initiative launched last year

LUDLOW:   This river town on the upswing. The City of Ludlow, Kentucky is a picturesque river town nestled at the base of forested hills. The community is known for its strong neighborhood school system, beautiful old brick homes and the historic Ludlow Lagoon.  In years past, Ludlow could have been described as sleepy, but the town has decidedly experienced an awakening in recent years. This isn't the Ludlow you probably remember.

The renaissance started with an influx of creative people. A number of architects, interior designers and artists call Ludlow home, filling their homes and the town itself with energy.  There’s a movement of shopkeepers who have opened coffee shops, a tavern and other businesses on the main thoroughfare, Elm Street. Some are living in the cool second story spaces above.  Ludlow is truly the best of small town and big city. And there's no question about it, it's on the rise.

On October 9th 10AM – 4PM, private residences and local businesses will be open for a self-guided tour when the fourth installment of the exclusive Beyond the Curb series showcases the City of Ludlow and neighboring West Covington.   Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  Tour goers receive admission to behind-the-scenes tours of featured properties, including Second Sight Spirits, Elmwood Hall – the oldest home in Ludlow – and the much talked about Westport Townhomes project.  The tour stops vary from painstakingly rehabbed single-family residences to new riverfront townhomes.  Parking is free, and new bike racks will welcome cyclists as well.   

An initiative of not-for-profit urban revitalization organization, The Catalytic Fund, Beyond the Curb was kicked off in Covington in April 2015 to much acclaim, with 600 registered guests from more than 60 zip codes across the Greater Cincinnati region signing up for the self-guided tour.  To date, more than 1,600 registered guests have signed up for the three previous Beyond the Curb tours, coming from 62 zip codes throughout the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond.  

 The Catalytic Fund’s president Jeanne Schroer explained, “The market is starting to prove that people of all ages are looking for high quality residential options in a walkable, interesting community. Beyond the Curb highlights the Northern Kentucky river cities, all of which offer the urban lifestyle that people want.”  She continued, “The homes on the Beyond the Curb | Ludlow tour are gorgeous inside and out. I know attendees are going to be pleased with this can’t-miss event.”  




  • Westport Townhomes – 1108 Highway Avenue, Covington  

  • Montessori Early Learning Center – 462 Altamont Road, Covington


  • Wynner’s Cup Café and Second Sight Spirits, 301 Elm Street (Registration), Ludlow

  • Latta House, 254 Latta Avenue, Ludlow   

  • Elmwood Hall, 254 Forest Avenue, Ludlow

  • Folk School Coffee Parlour, 332 Elm Street, Ludlow

  • 49 Kenner Street, Ludlow

  • Somerset Hall, 416 Closson Court, Ludlow

  • 210 Adela Avenue, Ludlow  

  • 423 Elm Street, Ludlow  


  • Rivers Breeze Clubhouse – 510 Rivers Breeze Drive, Ludlow

  • Rivers Breeze Home – 353 RiverBend Drive, Ludlow




  • The Catalytic Fund


  • Neltner Small Batch

  • PNC Bank

  • River City News


  • Orleans Development

  • Robinson Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Southbank Partners

  • Strauss Troy


  • Children Inc.  


Beyond the Curb is an initiative of The Catalytic Fund featuring one-day, self-guided urban living tours of Northern Kentucky’s river cities.  The mission of Beyond the Curb is to encourage urban living by showcasing and marketing Northern Kentucky’s river cities to the Cincinnati region as ONE special urban area with a wide array of residential product types and amenities that uniquely cater to an assortment of lifestyles. The design firm Neltner Small Batch was commissioned to capture each river city’s distinct character with its iconic artistic style, within the larger regional context, as a great place to live, work and visit. Beyond the Curb is funded with generous support from sponsors and from ticket sales for the purpose of urban awareness and revitalization.


The Catalytic Fund was created in 2008 in order to provide a source of patient and flexible capital investment into urban development and rehab projects throughout five target investment areas located in the cities of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky. Today, The Catalytic Fund engages in lending and development services targeted toward urban economic development. The Catalytic Fund has committed to invest $2.7 million since full lending operations began in 2013.  Residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects are eligible for Catalytic Fund support.  

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